Kubernetes Management Platform

CloudBolt helps you simplify Kubernetes deployment and management without losing control.

Innovate Rapidly By Developing Cloud-native Apps and Leveraging Kubernetes Management

Develop Your Container-Based Applications With Confidence

  • Empower developers to focus on developing code
  • Deliver value to your customers faster and get back to more strategic initiatives
  • Deploy and manage multi-node Kubernetes clusters and container-based applications with just a few clicks
  • Get better at Kubernetes management with less effort

"By 2022, more than 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production, which is a significant increase from less than 30% today."


Developers love containers for the efficiency they bring to the application development lifecycle. Although managing containers itself can be tricky. Kubernetes management helps alleviate this problem and helps maintain the desired state of an application and containers. 

However, deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters in itself can be challenging. Learning how to do it, and then deploying it manually for every application, is not only time-consuming but also error-prone. Now think about deploying and managing hundreds or thousands of applications in a short span. The key question is, how can this be done quickly and with complete control? 

Now finally you have a solution to easily manage the complete Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management. CloudBolt makes it possible to deploy multi-node Kubernetes clusters in minutes as against hours/days that it used to take. You can monitor your clusters closely, understand where they are deployed and by whom. Set the guardrails you need so that you have complete control of the environment.


How CloudBolt Makes It Happen

CloudBolt allows you to deploy multi-node Kubernetes clusters for your container environments with just a few clicks. You can further provision container-based applications into the already provisioned Kubernetes clusters with ease.

CloudBolt takes away the effort of learning how to provision Kubernetes cluster and applications so you can focus on more important activities. With customizable blueprints, you can deploy container-based applications and clusters quickly, deliver value to your customers faster and get back to more strategic initiatives. Kubernetes management was never this easy!

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