The ServiceNow Connector by SovLabs allows ServiceNow administrators to customize the catalog and request process directly from the ServiceNow platform, without any need for custom coding or intimate knowledge of the vRealize Automation API. Coupled with the SovLabs ServiceNow CMDB Module, organizations can now realize the full potential of both vRealize Automation and ServiceNow platforms.

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vRealize Automation and ServiceNow Integration

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Generate Catalog Items

Generate ServiceNow catalog item(s) from vRealize Automation catalog item(s).

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Map Fields

Graphically map fields between ServiceNow and vRealize Automation from ServiceNow.

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Request from vRA

Request vRealize Automation catalog item(s) from ServiceNow.

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Features and Capabilities

  • Map output metadata of vRealize Automation catalog item requests for consumption within ServiceNow workflows
  • Ability to delete deployments and/or VMs from ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow user automatically maps to corresponding vRealize Automation user
    • Service account based – no requirement for SAML or ADFS
  • Day2 operations support within ServiceNow
    • Based on machine state and end-user entitlements in vRealize Automation
    • Ability to customize ServiceNow workflow for each supported day2 operation
  • Customize using ServiceNow constructs (catalog, workflow, etc.)
  • Couple with the SovLabs CMDB Module to automatically relate generated CIs to request and perform Day2 operations
  • Utilize catalog request fields and custom logic to enable dynamic fields
  • When coupled with the SovLabs Property Toolkit adds ability to drive flexible grouping of configurations and overrides allowing for simpler vRA blueprints and ServiceNow catalog items

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