STAY with vRA

If you stay with VMware vRA you’ll still have VMware’s support…if you agree to migrate to vRA 8. Migration to an entirely new platform is a lengthy, pain-staking process—and could cost you thousands in professional services. Not only that, maintaining all your integrations and plugins for supplementing your cloud infrastructure is critical during and after any migration. Even on vRA 8, it’s difficult to automate processes without custom code, and you run the risk of shadow IT running rampant.

What do you need to stay with vRA?


Migrate to vRA 8


Move your custom-coded integrations from vRA 7 to vRA 8, no re-writes

According to recent research from CloudBolt Industry Insights, 59% of global IT leaders agree one of the top challenges with vRA is “movements to major releases require re-writes of all custom-built integrations.”

CloudBolt OneFuse can put a code adapter wrapper around your existing customer integrations so they’ll work in vRA 8. How much would you save if you could migrate all your vRA 7 custom integrations and have them work in vRA 8 immediately?

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Supplement vRA 8

Easily add support for Terraform, Ansible, ServiceNow, or any CMP

90% of IT leaders say Terraform increases the need for custom integrations with other technologies.

OneFuse simplifies the adoption of Terraform by reducing custom integrations. Build once, re-use everywhere. Interested in Terraform? Make adoption easy with a codeless integration platform.

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GO to a new CMP

If you move to a new Cloud Management Platform, ensuring the same base functionality of vRA is critical, but you want a platform that’s far easier to use, expand, and understand than vRA.Many organizations are searching for the mythical Single Pane of Glass, where you can truly provision your entire environment, build templated and custom blueprints, and automate processes across IT and DevOps departments from one simple place.

What CMP should you go with?

Replace vRA

Time to move on from vRA? Check out our award-winning CMP

Less than 10% of IT leaders on vRA 7 have migrated to vRA 8 despite being available since Oct 2019.

CloudBolt’s award-winning CMP provides all public cloud access…an install measured in minutes…all for a fraction of vRA 8 cost. Ready to evaluate vRA alternatives? Not sure you want to invest in vRA again?

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Enhance your CMP

You might need to more time to plan a proper migration or even make a final decision. Regardless of path, cloud cost and security management is critical to your infrastructure.

Top problems managing cloud costs = visibility, keeping up with spreadsheets, & no automation.

CloudBolt’s Cost and Security Management Platform provides single pane across all hybrid clouds guarding limits, making notifications, & optimization suggestions. Ready to get control of your cloud spend regardless of public clouds and technologies?

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There’s certainly a lot to consider in making your decision, but while you think about it, take a first-hand look at how CloudBolt’s solutions will make your life easier, no matter what you choose to do with vRA.

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