CloudBolt Industry Insight has completed another global survey of IT professionals shedding light on cloud and infrastructure delivery challenges that alert you to potential danger. This survey had 500 responses from senior IT leaders representing DevOps, ITOps, SecOps, and FinOps. The answers are shocking and point to a groundswell of people seeking better ways.

Hitting a Wall in a Multi-Cloud, Multi-Tool WorldThe research uncovered 7 Key Findings, that I’ll cover below. For more depth on this and many other topics, check out our Research Center to access even more survey content. Explore topics like:

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Key Findings

1. Drivers for moving to the cloud are Acceleration, Transformation, Cost Savings, and Agility

Your reasons for moving to the cloud are likely very similar to others’. You want to move faster, save money, and be nimbler. But did you get there? Tracking and visibility become infinitely more difficult when dealing with multiple (private, public, on-prem) clouds.

2. Reality vs Perception

78% of respondents say they believe they are saving money vs. running everything through on-prem data centers, but later answers about workload visibility put in question if people can even track it accurately enough to tell. Cracks started to show when we asked, “How many always employ tagging?”, and only 9% responded that they do. If you don’t tag it, it’s much more difficult to find later.

3. Many are simply ‘hitting a wall’ using existing tools

79% stated they are hitting a wall using their existing tools and platforms. Tools used today were not built for the complexities of multi-cloud multi-tool environments. Building a bunch of scripts to twist and bend them doesn’t scale and causes problems further down the road. Many tools are very good at one or two or three aspects of cloud operations, but there are 20+ that need to be addressed. Integrating and interconnecting disparate systems also doesn’t scale and keeps you in a perpetual build-more mode.

4. Can’t track, report, bill-back for what you don’t know about

80% are struggling to get a comprehensive view of cloud costs and spend across multiple tools, resources, and clouds. Four out of every five cannot accurately track their cloud usage. We’ve had customers with upwards of 10s of millions in cloud spend they could not track properly. Add that cloud spending is increasing and the problem is not going to get any better in the future.

5. “We have too much”

78% agree they have too many tools across too many islands of automation. Devs like these tools. Finance prefers these sets of tools. SecOps wants to tie into their systems and IT is trying to make sense of it all. Instead of introducing yet another super-tool, why not plug those existing tools into a central framework? Built your environment to connect and facilitate.

6. More cloud use, more security risk

Four out of five (~80%) agree that current cloud approaches create new security risks, and that’s just among what’s known. Unknowns, of course, pose even greater risks. Cloud transformation is meant to increase speed and agility, and give organizations the opportunity to flourish without the burden of IT infrastructure, but if that acceleration comes with greater security risk, is it worth it?

7. “Can I please get a ‘Manager of Managers’?”

A whopping 88% concluded that they need an “overarching solution” that connects systems and provides a central framework from which data can be aggregated, reported, and acted upon as needed. Without this, organizations will continue to herd tools for some greater good always falling short as the gap widens and multi-tool preferences bury organizations.

CloudBolt is committed to uncovering the truth around real hybrid and multi-cloud computing and bringing that information to you, the market. Misinformation, half-truths, and bent realities seem to be today’s norm. Cut thru the noise with research from CloudBolt Industry Insights.

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