Today, we’re thrilled to announce the release of OneFuse, a brand new codeless solution for automating, integrating and extending private and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Building on our recently-acquired SovLabs solution, OneFuse helps provide a codeless solution to even the most complex integration challenges in a multi-tool world.

For IT and DevOps alike, quickly and easily provision standardized and IT-compliant resources from best-of-breed tools has never been more important. At the same time, risks around high costs, improperly or insecurely provisioned resources and workflow handoffs can cause bottlenecks or bigger issues for the business. These are the challenges that OneFuse aims to solve for global enterprises.

Here are three critical things to know about OneFuse.

OneFuse Simplifies the Complex World of Multi-Tool

Finding efficient, cost-effective solutions to address the challenges around an expanding number of clouds, toolsets, and teams is becoming one of the key responsibilities of digital infrastructure and innovation teams. As many as four to six automation platforms and tools interact with infrastructure systems in the modern enterprise, according to one estimate. Meeting the needs of the enterprise with these tools must happen without harmful governance or compliance impact.

For organizations currently using CloudBolt, VMware vRealize Automation 7 and 8, and Terraform (with more support to come), the OneFuse platform addresses these complex integration challenges with a codeless solution to enable platforms and tools to effectively integrate across hybrid cloud.

With OneFuse, enterprises can turn hard to manage custom-developed integrations into configurable policies that extend across platforms, DevOps tools, and teams. This creates a unifying integration layer for your hybrid cloud, and helps your team achieve its loftiest transformation goals.

OneFuse Removes the Barriers to Full Automation

Siloes across IT departments are a significant burden against the goals of digital innovation. Provisioning capabilities aren’t uniform and often overlap, with multiple vendors providing different capabilities. OneFuse helps provide clarity across these siloes with collaboration through a standardized governance model.

Policies expose only IT-specified parameters, so developers and non-IT users are able to easily provision resources from their tools of choice. Through reusable and extendable policies, OneFuse offers scalable, compliant and automated infrastructure deployments whenever and wherever you need them.

Governance Without Disruption with OneFuse

We’ve written extensively in this space about the importance of role-based access control (RBAC) and how those policy models improve and simplify security by creating guardrails for all involved in the digital innovation process.

OneFuse provides that RBAC so policies can be shared and implemented across an enterprise with the OneFuse workspace feature, allowing systems owners to maintain control and also automate tasks for provisioning as needed.

With this visibility across an enterprise, auditing and compliance become a snap and business outcomes are optimized. Policies protect provisioning, day 2 operations, decommissioning and custom actions so that goal of 100% automation becomes safer and closer to a reality.


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