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Empowering your cloud journey

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Cloud Fabric
Cloud fabric orchestration

CloudBolt Cloud Orchestration offers a seamless transition from Aria Automation, enhancing cloud management with Python-backed extensibility and a smooth migration path.

Cloud financial management

CloudBolt’s Financial Management supersedes VMware Aria Cost, offering rapid, innovative solutions beyond Broadcom’s capabilities.

Cloud Orchestration
Vendor agnostic

CloudBolt’s vendor-neutral approach provides unmatched multi- and hybrid-cloud management flexibility, ensuring freedom from single-vendor constraints.

Flexible pricing models

CloudBolt offers adaptable, licensing-based pricing models, offering tailored financial solutions in cloud management.

Worried about Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware?

In the face of recent changes and uncertainty surrounding Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, we at CloudBolt understand the concerns of businesses worldwide. Broadcom’s decision to discontinue 56 standalone products, including key offerings like NSX, HCX, and vSphere+, has left many enterprises questioning their future IT strategies.

Demand better

Black dominoes

Stability amidst VMware uncertainty

CloudBolt is here to provide stability and continuity in these uncertain times. As a leading cloud management and integration solutions provider, we offer a range of alternatives to the changing landscape of VMware’s product line. Our solutions are designed to simplify your IT operations, not complicate them.

CloudBolt Screenshots

Multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud flexibility

CloudBolt believes that the future of IT infrastructure isn’t tethered to a single platform or technology. As technology advances, companies need to have the flexibility to adapt and grow without being confined to a single vendor’s ecosystem.
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Choose the tools you want

Our agnostic approach to multi- and hybrid-cloud management empowers businesses to diversify their cloud strategies, seamlessly transitioning between different platforms as their needs evolve.

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Avoid vendor lock-in

Unlike Aria Automation, which focuses on VMware technology, CloudBolt can manage and abstract cloud infrastructure across numerous cloud service providers. This wide-ranging capability ensures that businesses won’t find themselves in a vendor lock-in situation.

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Go beyond private cloud

CloudBolt is not just focused on the private cloud. We’re investing in automation that supports emerging use cases such as Financial Operations, Container Management, and Multi-Cloud Abstraction.

A dedicated partner

We are committed to helping you transition smoothly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in migrating from discontinued VMware products to our comprehensive suite of solutions.

With CloudBolt, you’re not just choosing an alternative to VMware—you’re choosing a partner dedicated to your success.

Elevate IT with CloudBolt orchestration

Over 200 integrative plug-ins

Dive into a world where your IT infrastructure seamlessly integrates with over 200 plug-ins. CloudBolt’s plug-in architecture bridges your existing systems with new capabilities, offering unparalleled customization and efficiency.

Python-powered customization

Embrace the power of Python, the most popular programming language, with CloudBolt’s user-friendly platform. Whether you’re handling networking tools, container management, or multi-cloud integrations, CloudBolt’s Python-centric design ensures accessibility for all skill levels.

Master cloud costs with CloudBolt

Proactive cost management

CloudBolt leads the forefront in cloud cost management, blending advanced prediction tools with anomaly detection. This synergy empowers organizations to stay ahead, optimizing cloud spend across diverse environments, ensuring both operational efficiency and financial predictability.

Advanced cost-control features

Beyond just monitoring, CloudBolt’s innovative solutions, like cost/quota enforcement and optimized workload placement, revolutionize cloud consumption. This shift towards brokered consumption unlocks substantial savings, offering a transparent and comprehensive understanding of total cost ownership.

A wide range of solutions for VMware

Cloud financial management

With CloudBolt, you can have unified management of your cloud provider and VMware financial operations at every stage of your journey.

Cloud fabric orchestration

Experience unparalleled efficiency, control, and innovation with CloudBolt’s advanced cloud management solutions.

Augmented FinOps

With the introduction of our Augmented FinOps platform, CloudBolt is leveraging AI/ML-informed insights and applying intelligent automation and orchestration to make complete cloud lifecycle optimization a reality.


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