Are you considering a hybrid cloud governance platform for managing IT? The benefits of virtualization and cloud technologies include flexibility, scalability, and agility. But they also add a layer of complexity to the task of managing and delivering services.

Today, your internal consumers of IT have very high expectations and require organizations to deliver services much faster. They expect zero downtimes, so your organization must strive to provide innovative experiences and new value continually. This is the only way to stay competitive.

But delivering cloud services fast at scale can be a challenge. This is particularly so for hybrid cloud. A governance platform can help support your organizational goals by accelerating digital innovation and reducing complexity. It can also help maintain and automate governance and compliance policies.

With a wide variety of vendors offering hybrid cloud governance tools, how do you choose the right one for you?

Performance Monitoring

The tool you choose needs to keep track of resource usage and its impact on system performance. In addition, it should give you access to user-friendly dashboards. The dashboards will provide you with quick status reviews. They will also provide you with the ability to trigger the automatic scaling of resources based on demand.

Moreover, the hybrid cloud management platform should give you historical context and predict future capacity needs. This allows you to plan for growth and identify underutilized resources.

Automation and Provisioning

Automation is critical if you’re going to succeed in the cloud. It can help accelerate a wide range of tasks, reduce risk by eliminating human error, and reduce costs.

Digital innovation initiatives in the enterprise typically focus on the delivery of apps to web and mobile platforms. As expected, this places pressure on IT personnel to support agile application deployment and development across the full life cycle.

Therefore, developers and testers require fast, self-service access to hybrid cloud resources that provide automated provisioning of development tests and production platforms. This way, they spend less time troubleshooting configuration caused by the manual deployment of applications and systems.

A hybrid cloud governance platform allows you to easily provision complex environments, including middleware servers and databases. It also automatically scales up or down based on demand. The goal here should be to improve the productivity of administrators and developers.

Cross-Platform Interoperability

The solution should provide IT with a variable compute strategy that dramatically improves the speed of digital services delivery. Modern cloud services will need to access both virtual and physical infrastructure across the entire organization.


A hybrid cloud governance platform should be able to manage scale. The thing is your hybrid cloud deployment will continue to change and grow with time. Therefore, the tools you choose should be flexible enough to accommodate new technologies and scale as needed in various geographies.

Choose a management tool vendor that sees the big picture such that the solution will grow with your business.

Compliance and Governance

Most system downtimes in the cloud are as the result of unauthorized changes. Noncompliant configurations that include and patch software cause most malware and virus infections. Consequently, it is important to make sure your systems and cloud services are compliant with set out policies and procedures.

For this, you need a cloud management tool with the right compliance and governance tools.

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