Last week, our team from CloudBolt attended AWS re:Invent 2018 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. Members of our team performed hybrid cloud platform demos during the Expo hours and attended a choice of over 2000 sessions. Our CEO, Brian Kelly had one-on-one meetings with enterprise IT cloud experts and engaged with customers during demos at our booth.

Guy-Francis Kono and Aaron Jabonowski, two of our CloudBolt engineers with superpowers, demonstrated CloudBolt’s business value for almost any hybrid cloud and multi-cloud use case during the Expo hours. When our engineers and other team members were not on the show floor, they could choose from the many sessions including “hackathons” and “chalk talks” to make it very interactive where possible.

Check out Guy running into the AWS Cloud Ninja. He is definitely our CloudBolt Ninja.

Expo Hours and the AWS Cloud Ninja

AWS Builder Sentiments by CEO at Keynote

Keynote sessions were streamed live to an audience of over 100,000 online and to attendees who numbered over 50,000 this year. The sessions included leaders of AWS and some of their partners giving pitches for why it is the number one worldwide Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) public cloud provider. They emphasized how they are now reaching enterprise markets much more than ever.

The main keynote, given by CEO Andy Jassy, had several key new product announcements, some of which are ready now and others that are a preview of what’s to come. Those who attended were part of a nifty surprise when Andy introduced their updates based on “five sentiments” of builders—that is, for the end users of AWS who build stuff in the cloud. He introduced each sentiment with popular songs to match the themes in a somewhat dramatic fashion.

They clipped the music out for the official video of the keynote but we’ve captured the names of the songs here from 2ndWatch who covered the event:

I Want It All – Queen

Jassy highlighted that builders want uncompromised access to the AWS Cloud with appropriate tools to get them there fast and easy. New Data Transfer and Storage Services differentiators to facilitate AWS adoption.

I’ve Been Waiting – Matthew Sweet

Jassy focused on new AWS Services that allow builders an easier path for the use and adoption of the AWS Cloud Platform, with a focus on automation and compliance.

Blackbird – The Beatles

Freedom was the theme here. With new data patterns, AWS is giving builders the freedom to deprecate legacy database constraints and give them the access to choose “the right tool (DB) for the right job (workload).”

Satisfy Me – Elvis Presley

This was all about AWS delivering on customer feedback and satisfying the need to enhance the AI and ML services’ user experience with real-world application scenarios. With the launch of AWS Deep Racer, AWS enables a fun, quick, and easy application of ML in the real world.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go – The Clash

Finally, Jassey announced that they are extending the AWS Cloud Platform ecosystem to facilitate and entice adoption with new Hybrid Cloud services, expanding the partnership with VMWare to bring AWS Services on-prem.

For the complete summary, see AWS re:Invent Recap.

“We are pleased to have attended AWS re:Invent this year, which reinforces our story of being relentlessly customer focused as they consider public cloud offerings from not only AWS who is leading the pack but also cross any public cloud or private cloud offerings as well as integrate with best-practice configuration and IT tools.” Brian Kelly, CloudBolt CEO, summarized and added, “It was a lot of fun too, watching our team thrive in this setting.”

Our enterprise hybrid cloud platform eliminates many of the challenges of complexity from many different environments with a single platform to manage and consume almost any IT resource from multiple vendor environments. You can start with the vast on-premises footprint and then increment to any of the public cloud platforms including AWS.  

To see how CloudBolt simplifies your AWS environment, check out our AWS Datasheet tomorrow

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