You’ve heard it a million times from technology vendors of all shapes and sizes: our solution is the best. Well, truthfully, it’s one thing to hear that from a vendor, and it’s another thing entirely to have the chance to actually try out technology yourself in an environment you don’t have to go through the painstaking effort to create.

It’s in that spirit that we share some exciting news with our community of technology experts: if you’re tired of the system knowledge and custom coding required to truly automate infrastructure processes around VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) and/or Terraform, then come put your hands on OneFuse in those environments. Build re-usable & governed integrations codelessly right now thanks to our world-class partner, World Wide Technologies (WWT).

We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that WWT has included hands-on, user-accessible labs for both OneFuse for vRA 8 and OneFuse for Terraform in their Advanced Technology Center (ATC) lab environment.

What Being in the WWT ATC Means for CloudBolt, and You

This is a tremendous opportunity for both CloudBolt and the community of IT and DevOps practitioners looking to maximize their investment in their critical vRA 8 and/or Terraform deployments – while eliminating the risk and burden created by the exponential acceleration of custom scripting in the environment.

With this announcement, we’re strengthening our partnership with WWT – taking our Go-To-Market execution to the next level. We’re very proud of the fact that WWT has the confidence in CloudBolt to include our products in their ATC, but moreover that they recognize OneFuse as a key ingredient to helping ensure vRA 8 and Terraform deliver the value our customers seek

Inclusion in the ATC doesn’t come easily and is reserved for only the most innovative, high-quality solutions that drive the most value to customers. WWT has global reach, with nearly 7,000 employees and close to $14 billion in annual revenue. The WWT ATC is one of the leading innovation test labs in the world, and is a collaborative ecosystem for technology products and integrated architectural solutions. Services available within ATC include on-demand labs, product comparisons, POCs and more.

Best of all, it’s totally free and available through WWT’s public website. No setup, no need to schedule anything. Just log on and see for yourself.

As Dana Callear, DevOps Technical Solutions Architect at WWT, said on our recent joint webinar, you can’t buy DevOps off a shelf. You need to see what tools like OneFuse can provide in a real-life scenario. This is an outstanding opportunity for our audience to jump into the sandbox and test out these solutions intended to make the DevOps and digital innovation process easier with just a few clicks.

Why wait to get a handle on how OneFuse can help your enterprise better utilize vRA 8 and Terraform? Head over to the WWT ATC lab now and check out the hands-on labs for vRA 8 and Terraform now.

Talk to a CloudBolt expert to about your plans for vRA 8 and Terraform, schedule your time today.

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