Cloud service providers need customers to consume as much compute capacity as possible to enhance their platform’s efficiency. With price being a major contributing factor, they need an innovative costing model. One that drives high utilization and offers the vendor some flexibility.

Azure Spot VMs is a Microsoft Azure feature that provides this benefit. Its pricing delivers significant discounts to customers while giving Microsoft the agility it needs to rapidly reassign or reclaim resources on its public cloud platform.

What is Azure Spot?

Azure Spot VMs is an Azure feature that allows you to take advantage of the platform’s unused capacity. Using this option helps Microsoft drive efficiencies and realize the returns needed on their economies of scale. Subscribers get Azure Spot VMs at a significantly discounted rate for selecting this feature, making it a win-win for both parties. This option can help Azure customers lower their cloud computing costs up to 90 percent discount in some cases.

Pricing and eviction are the only differences between Azure Spot VMs and regular virtual machines.

To learn more about Azure Spot VMs pricing and eviction, read the full article in our Guide to Azure Cost Optimization.

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