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Earlier this week, Nilesh Deo looked at how Terraform and CloudBolt work together to help with Infrastructure-as-Code deployments. We also discussed five factors for selecting a multi-cloud management platform.

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With that, onto this week’s news:

Cloud and SaaS providers prepare for increased demand as millions telecommute due to COVID-19 fears

Jonathan Greig, TechRepublic, March 16, 2020

“Hundreds of enterprises across the world are now telling their employees to work from home as governments try to stop the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus globally. In addition to the cancellation of major conferences and other events, many workplaces are now preempting government quarantines by asking people to take advantage of a variety of new technology designed to allow employees to work from anywhere.

In countries with major outbreaks like China, Italy, and now the United States, enterprises have already had to deal with a massive influx of people using cloud platforms and SaaS providers to work from home. 

Popular tools like Microsoft Teams have already had to deal with outages in Europe, and other companies have faced issues handling the increase in demand from teleworkers. 

‘Assuming these applications are built to be horizontally scalable and are built in the public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google, they will be able to expand and handle the influx by distributing the load out to different parts of the network,’ said Dr. Craig Lowery, research director at Gartner.”

Networking gains ‘cool’ status

Cliff Saran, ComputerWeekly, March 16, 2020

“The network is “cool” again, according to analyst Forrester, whose Infrastructure technology for 2020 research overview report notes that as software-defined networking (SDN) finally gets its footing, 5G peeks over the horizon and additional wireless options step into the IT domain with the internet of things (IoT) and edge computing, networking is again gaining strong attention.  

“The new vision of virtual network infrastructure (VNI) and unusual wireless options will prove unorthodox to many I&O [infrastructure and IT operations] professionals, which also makes it exciting,” write Forrester analysts Glenn O’Donnell and Lauren Nelson. 

This renewed interest in networking is being driven by enterprises looking at how public cloud services can co-exist with on-premise IT, together with a focus on building applications using cloud-native principles. And as organisations begin to move simple infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) deployments of existing software, the remit of techniques such as virtualisation, programmable infrastructure and automation have been expanded beyond servers to encompass network infrastructure.”

Coronavirus forces Google to postpone digital Cloud Next conference

Chris Duckett, ZDNet, March 18, 2020

“After laying waste to the upcoming 2020 in-person conference season, the global outbreak of coronavirus has now forced the suspension of one of the digital replacements.

At the start of the month, Google announced it was replacing its physical Google Cloud Next conference with a digital version, but on Wednesday, that conference was postponed as well.

‘Google Cloud has decided to postpone Google Cloud Next ’20: Digital Connect out of concern for the health and safety of our customers, partners, employees and local communities, and based on recent decisions made by the federal and local governments regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19),’ the company said in a blog post.”

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