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The pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption but left us exposed

Dave Locke, ITProPortal, April 9, 2021

“A swift migration to cloud runs the risk of cloud sprawl. Both technical control and human management are crucial for a secure multi-cloud environment.

A key barrier to the adoption of embracing remote working pre-pandemic was concern over increased security risks. Many more devices connecting over multiple networks can greatly increase the attack surface. In fact, in one survey 69 percent of organizations expressed serious concerns over security risks introduced by workers; with employee awareness (59 percent), insecure home WiFi networks (56 percent) and use of unsecured personal devices (43 percent) the biggest contributors. The worries about a greatly expanded attack surface will only have worsened as remote working has become the default over the last year for many enterprises.”

How to Optimize Cloud Networking Services Costs

Christopher Tozzi, ITProToday, April 8, 2021

“Fees associated with networking are typically not the largest contributor to cloud computing costs. The pricing for running cloud infrastructure, like virtual machines, is higher. Still, cloud networking services costs can be significant, especially in poorly optimized cloud environments. Keep reading for tips on keeping these networking costs low within your cloud.

For most use cases, data egress is the largest contributor to cloud networking services spend. Most cloud providers charge a fee whenever data moves out of their clouds and into another cloud or an on-premises environment. (There are typically no fees for inbound data, or ingress.) They also usually charge–although typically not as much–for moving data from one cloud region to another, even if it stays within the same cloud.”

Multi-cloud strategy key to mitigating regulatory risks

Sead Fadilpašić, ITProPortal, April 7, 2021

“In a recent blog post, Nick Godfrey, Director in the Office of the CISO at Google Cloud, says the industry is focused on reducing vendor lock-in, concentration risk and over-reliance on third-party providers.

Together with market analysts IDC, the company analyzed how different organizations tackle the issue and came to the conclusion that a multi-cloud approach is an increasingly popular strategy.”

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