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Modernizing Data Management in a Hybrid Multicloud World

Stephanie Simone, Database Trends and Applications, Jan. 5, 2021

“With the promise of greater speed, scalability, and flexibility—as well as reduced CapEx costs—cloud adoption continues to accelerate.

At the same time, many enterprises are finding that traditional data management approaches are inadequate to handle the growing size and complexity of hybrid, multicloud environments.

From database management, to data integration and governance, modern approaches are becoming increasingly necessary to meet the demands of this new world.”

CIOs and CTOs look to cloud for infrastructure modernization

Mike Milliard, Healthcare IT News, Jan. 4, 2021

“More than half of tech leaders polled by IBM say their organizations’ digital transformation efforts are lagging – and they’re looking for partners to help with managed services.

In fact, one in four CIOs and CTOs said their infrastructure overhaul initiatives are only just getting off the ground.

Across the board, however, there was strong appreciation for what cloud hosting can do to help further these efforts: More than 95% of respondents said they’re looking toward public, hybrid or private cloud strategies.”

Zscaler Research: 63% of Orgs Forgo Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication

Dan Kobialka, MSSP Alert, Jan. 1, 2021

“Security misconfigurations — not infrastructure vulnerabilities — are the most-common cause of successful public cloud attacks, according to research from cloud security company Zscaler.

Key findings from Zscaler’s analysis of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform workloads included:

92 percent of organizations do not log access to cloud storage.

63 percent do not use multi-factor authentication (MFA) for cloud access.

50 percent do not rotate their access keys periodically.

26 percent of workloads expose SecureShell (SSH) ports to the Internet.

20 percent of workloads expose remote desktop protocol (RDP) to the Internet.”

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