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The green IT revolution: A blueprint for CIOs to combat climate change

Staff, McKinsey Digital, September 15, 2022

“Companies and governments looking to combat climate change are turning to tech for help. AI, new technologies, and some promising tech-driven business models have raised hopes for dramatic progress. While many organizations’ climate goals are lofty, enterprise technology leaders—CIOs, chief digital innovation officers (CDIOs), and chief technology officers (CTOs), among others—have not always succeeded at turning climate ambitions into reality. One of the biggest reasons is that hard facts and clear paths of action are scarce. Misconceptions and misinformation have clouded the picture of what CIOs and tech leaders should do.

“We have done extensive analysis of where technology can have the biggest impact on reducing emissions. To start, we divided technology’s role into two primary types of activities:” READ MORE

Cloud delivers data — too much, for most companies

Matt Ashare, CIO Dive, September 16, 2022

“More data facilitates better business decisions, improves operational efficiency and drives growth. But too much of a good thing creates problems. Cloud implementation allows businesses to rapidly onboard new and better technologies and intake a lot more data — so much data that analytics teams can be overwhelmed. When companies can’t process, map and mine incoming data while also monitoring for security anomalies, value is lost.

“Most companies discard a majority of data collected. Up to 90% of data mined never makes it to the analytics stage, and most companies’ tech stacks offer end-to-end observability of just 9% of data, according to the survey.”READ MORE

3 must-haves for your cloud finops program

David Linthicum, InfoWorld, September 13, 2022

“These days cloud computing costs typically run about 20% of total IT spending. An enterprise only needs one outrageous cloud bill to wake up and smell the waste. That’s why cloud spending now receives much more scrutiny, and enterprises demand more discipline with cloud costs. Finops provides the ability to monitor and optimize cloud spending. Hence, it’s becoming a large part of any cloud deployment.

“Finops is a good thing, but not all cloud finops programs are the same. Let’s talk about the most common missing or misunderstood finops features:” READ MORE

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