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Earlier this week, we published a blog from Patrick Campbell on DevOps tools for success, including a deep look at tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform and CloudFormation.

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With that, onto this week’s news:

At VMworld, VMware bets big on convergence of virtual machines and containers

James Colbielus, SiliconANGLE, Aug. 27, 2019

“VMware Inc. made a wide range of announcements this week that advance its competitive positioning in multicloud computing.

Launched in the Day One keynote at VMworld 2019 in San Francisco, “Project Pacific” will embed Kubernetes into the control plane of a future release of vSphere, which is VMware’s flagship server virtualization platform. Specifically, Project Pacific will add a container runtime into the vSphere hypervisor, while new ESXi native pods will combine the best properties of Kubernetes pods and VMs to boost the runtime’s security and performance on mission-critical workloads.”

The State of DevOps

Tom Smith, DevOps Zone, Aug. 23, 2019

“There was a great media event during DevOps World | Jenkins World hosted by CloudBees where we heard from analysts, strategists, and clients about the state of DevOps today.

James Governor, analyst and co-founder of Red Monk (@monkchips) kicked off the event by providing a 2019 Market View on the development velocity for organizations entitled, “How to Be Elite versus Struggling.” CI/CD is the key to moving faster. Agile is part of organizational transformation – smaller teams, faster iteration. DevOps is creating an environment in which development and operations work more closely together. All of this is happening in pockets – some parts of the organization are moving quickly but not the whole organization.”

Lack of budget for security initiatives slows down cloud adoption
David Weldon, Information Management, Aug. 26, 2019

“The number of public sector organizations that are ready to implement a cloud-first strategy or move their entire infrastructures to the cloud has decreased by almost 20 percent since 2018.

Further, only 32 percent of government organizations would consider implementing a cloud-first strategy, and only 20 percent would consider becoming 100 percent cloud-based.

Those are among the key findings from Netwrix, a vendor of information security and governance software, in its recent 2019 Netwrix Cloud Data Security Report.”

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