CloudBolt vs Morpheus Data Comparison Guide
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CloudBolt vs. Morpheus Comparison Guide

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CloudBolt is easy to integrate with other platforms and highly customizable. Light, simple, powerful.

CloudBolt and all its supporting members have been the best product and group we have worked with to date.

One of the easiest automation products you will ever setup. Their support has been outstanding and they really understand their own product.

How CloudBolt Stacks Up To Morpheus

  CloudBolt vs Morpheus Data Comparison Chart

Key CloudBolt Features & Differentiators from Morpheus

Flexible Self-Service IT

Unlike Morpheus Data, CloudBolt abstracts underlying technologies easily into simple multi-tier blueprints for all users—not just technical ones.Using role-based access control, you can customize your user experience for higher productivity.

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CloudBolt - speed up resource delivery
Simplified Extensibility

Unlike Morpheus Data, with CloudBolt, you get comprehensive upgrade-safe integrations and customizations that are ready to use Day One. Python-based architecture simplifies extending the hybrid cloud environment yourself instead of waiting for anyone else.

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CloudBolt Library
Cost Management & Optimization

Unlike Morpheus Data, CloudBolt provides granular cost visibility through reports and dashboards. You can slice and dice information by services, users, etc. for better decisions. Automated policy-based alerts help you identify savings opportunities and you can take actions directly from the platform.

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CloudBolt Cost Dashboard
Intelligent Security and Compliance Visualization

Unlike Morpheus Data, CloudBolt provides built-in 300+ security checks for AWS well-architected framework, NIST, CIS. Proactively detect threats, vulnerabilities and get alerts in Slack channels. Further, easily visualize security from VPC to resource level to take immediate actions.

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Faster Return On Investment

Unlike Morpheus, CloudBolt delivers richer cloud management capabilities at one-third the price.

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Cloud cost optimization
CloudBolt or Morpheus Data?

Are you still weighing your options between cloud provisioning and automation tools?

The truth is both of these tools will work for most organizations. But that’s not what you’re looking for. You want an edge over the competition. In this business, small hinges swing big doors, even in the most cutthroat markets. You want a tool that not only fits your immediate needs but also caters to those you’ll encounter down the road. We believe CloudBolt offers better value than Morpheus Data for your organization.

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