Avoiding Sticker Shock in the Cloud Era eBook

Avoid sticker shock in the cloud era

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One place for management and reporting
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Easily manage cloud resources and costs with single user-facing web application

Without proper visibility and governance in place, your IT environment is susceptible to shadow IT. Shadow IT can also lead to cloud spend without your knowledge.  

CloudBolt provides the single interface you need to communicate easily with disparate technologies and provide a centralized view of activities across all environments. It provides insights into which specific cloud services are being used, who is using them, and how much usage costs. CloudBolt brings you true chargeback, showback, and overall cost visibility. From cloud management to reporting, CloudBolt has you covered. 

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Out-of-the-box integrations for easy plug-and-play experience

Your users need solutions for their deepest challenges. This means learning about, integrating and managing these solutions, on top of all your other responsibilities. 

CloudBolt is a modern platform built for modern IT environments. We already integrate with Terraform, ServiceNow, Veeam, Okta and numerous othersThese make you a trusted partner for your organization instead of a back-end integrator with nneed to burn the midnight oil reading technical documentation.  

Your users can simply leverage blueprints from a simple catalog that becomes the central place where services are consumed. You can expose the destination (AWS, Azure, vCenter, SCVMM) to your users or hide it (development, testing, etc.). You can design their experienceThe CloudBolt catalog simplifies provisioning and services management.  

Cloud Automation Reimagined
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Track all usage and cost with CloudBolt reporting engine

CloudBolt aggregates spending data for users, environments, and groupsOur rich reporting system gives you visibility into resource activitywith insights into what specific cloud services are being used by whom and at what usage cost. Detailed consumption insights enable improved decision making and more accurate budgeting and forecasting. You can also identify underutilized resources that may be costing your IT organization real money. 

All the information stored within the CloudBolt database can be presented to you via the CloudBolt reporting engine. You can generate reports across on-premises and public cloud resources to understand usage trend and reserve/order capacity as needed.  

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CloudBolt Helps Major Software Enterprise With Governance and Hybrid Cloud Management

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