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Extensibility: The solution you’re looking for

Enable multi- and hybrid cloud to increase productivity

To meet the challenges of today, your users need a multi-cloud management platform of tomorrow. Extensibility and connections across disparate technologies that your users will want to use is critical. Adding multi-cloud management tools to your IT arsenal makes it easier to manage all these different scenarios.  

CloudBolt is your multi-cloud management layer of abstraction—it enables use of various technologies through a single catalog. CloudBolt features a pluggable architecture that allows you to quickly add support for new technologies. You can integrate 20+ resource handlers (such as vCenter, Hyper-V, AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, SCVMM, Google Cloud Platform, etc.) in the catalog for ease of provisioning and orchestration.  

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Eliminate the steep learning curve of multi-cloud provisioning

Every public cloud has its own user interface and its own language. Your users need to learn all of it. For example, AWS terms virtual machines as instances while in Azure they’re VMs. Both cloud providers classify them in different sizes and their cost is determined on size, regions, zones, etc. Imagine learning this for storage, networking, functionless services, etc.  

CloudBolt exposes these clouds parameters using common terminology and workflows that work seamlessly together with minimal user training. If you want to hide all these terminologies you also have the flexibility to name your environments such as development, testing and production. CloudBolt makes it easy to customize and reduce the heavy lift required for multicloud learning. 

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CloudBolt Jenkins Order Blueprint
Manage your multi-cloud and hypervisor environments with ease

As an IT admin, you have to balance a lot of priorities. For example, onboarding a new technology, making it consumable, accounting for usage, or building reports. We get it. It’s challenging! 

CloudBolt simplifies the administration. In a few clicks you can integrate a new resource handler (like AWS, vCenter, Azure, etc.). Then you can define a self-service catalog using the OOTB options or configure unique catalog items for your most common use cases. For instance, build blueprints in your catalog for Jenkins, CentOS server deployment, etc. in less than 10 minutes, using pre-defined blueprints avoid user errors, misconfigurations, and lapse of governance. And best of all, no professional services engagement required! 

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