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Self-Service IT and User Empowerment

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Self-service IT for unparalleled agility
in your hybrid cloud environment

Shut the door on shadow IT with role-based access control for your environment

Shadow IT cloud usage is 10X the known cloud usage . When users can’t get what they want, they take matters into their own hands. They go to public cloud and provision resources without IT’s awareness. This causes real challenges around data security, budget overspend, and governance. What happens when users leave their S3 buckets open and become easy targets for an attack?

Once installed, CloudBolt gives administrators the power to set provisioning conditions while empowering end users to access the environments needed and reducing VM sprawl. By meeting user demand for instant access to IT resources, CloudBolt eliminates the need for them to spin up their own servers and services in ungoverned, public clouds.

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Single role-based catalog to deliver unparalleled simplicity and provisioning

CloudBolt eliminates complexity and enables self-service IT and user empowerment, even for the most intricate environments. The CloudBolt catalog enables you to create blueprints for controlled and repeatable deployments by end users. A blueprint can be as simple as a one-click single server build and as complex as a multi-tier load balanced application stack running in multiple environments. Some example of blueprints include provisioning load balancers, IPAM and networks.

The catalog presents abstracted resources to the users from both on-premises and public cloud environments such AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Using assigned roles and operating environments, users will have a customized catalog to provision resources from. Users no longer expect to file a ticket and wait for their resources.

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Speed up resource delivery without long wait times

Using simple yet powerful blueprints, you can provision and manage resources within minutes. You do not need to script or spend time entering credentials. Once, you integrate with a new resource handler such as vCenter, Hyper-V, AWS, all the credentials are maintained to speed up resource delivery. Forget the days and weeks required to build a machine.

Using CloudBolt, The Home Depot was able to provision resources in 20 minutes instead of weeks. They replaced their manual processes for resource provisioning and spinning them down with a few clicks. They used the mature yet simple to customize interface of CloudBolt to get up and running quickly and deliver value internally and externally.

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CloudBolt - speed up resource delivery
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CloudBolt Features and Competitive Comparison

Overview of CloudBolt Features and comparison between VMware vRealize, Red Hat CloudForms, and Cisco CloudCenter.

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