CloudBolt Product Overview

Manage complete service lifecycle using CloudBolt

See the features & benefits of our hybrid cloud management platform, as well as why Fortune 500 companies make CloudBolt central to their cloud strategy.

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CloudBolt streamlines lifecycle management so you can focus on strategic activities

Automate orchestration actions and leave behind the manual processes

In a recent PagerDuty survey, 56% of participants believed that increased complexity results in cognitive load2. The more technologies you add to your service portfolio, the more friction and resistance for users. This also adds to your burden of integrating various services and make them easy to consume.  

CloudBolt simplifies orchestration of these services so that you can automate actions for your users. For instance, you can create triggers for any action that your user takes, simplifying job workflows. Plus, you can enforce expiration dates, integrate with external systems, fetch configuration parameters from APIs, etcThis flexibility provides the ability to offer more automated orchestration saving time, effort, and making the user experience more consistent.  

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CloudBolt Orchestration Actions
Deploy and manage complete service lifecycle with CloudBolt blueprints

Once you try self-service IT using CloudBolt, you envision your IT in a different light. The power of CloudBolt blueprints help you break the shackles of a manual provisioning process with a few clicks. You can deliver complete services that combine any combination of servers, network components, and other services. This can be done through simple yet powerful multi-tiered blueprints.  

Take the concept of blueprints a step further by defining management and teardown actions on these blueprints to manage the complete service lifecycle. You can execute daytwo management activities such modify a server, pause it, or create a snapshot with a few clicks.  

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CloudBolt Server Details
Set powerful policies to stay compliant with CloudBolt’s rules engine

As you move towards a more automated and streamlined IT experience, non-compliance always lurks around the corner. To tackle this, set policies and rules proactively to define guardrails for your users. CloudBolt’s rules engine helps you define conditions across any cloud and add remediation steps when those conditions are met. For example, when there are untagged resources in AWS they will fail to provision, or you get an alert.  

It’s another powerful weapon for your governance arsenal. Policies ensure nothing goes out of compliance as your users add more services. Provide a complete self-service experience without losing sleep. Help yourself with compliance and curb costs using CloudBolt rules engine 

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CloudBolt Policy Rules
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