CloudBolt Features

Integration with Existing Technologies

Leverage Existing Investments – Build Automated Hybrid Cloud Platform

CMDB Integration

CloudBolt ships with support for ServiceNow’s CMDB, but adding support for additional CMDBs is as simple as making an API call from a post-provisioning hook to register newly provisioned servers. The CloudBolt orchestration engine can also be used to unregister a server from a CMDB when it is decommissioned.

IPAM Integration

Whether it’s done with a spreadsheet or using an enterprise IPAM, IP address management is an integral part to any hybrid cloud. CloudBolt facilitates the easy integration of IPAMs with its server provisioning and deprovisioning processes by giving administrators the ability to call relevant IPAM APIs.

Integration with Any API

If a system has an API, CloudBolt can connect and leverage it as part of a greater cloud orchestration process. CloudBolt has been integrated with custom applications, SaaS services like Slack, legacy systems, and even pizza delivery services – all within hours.

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