CloudBolt Features

Self-Service IT

Users Provision Cloud Resources On-Demand

Controlled Access to the IT Playground

  • Forget long wait times to access resources
  • Shut the door on shadow IT
  • Stop VM sprawl
  • Recreate environments easily
  • Deliver a branded portal with organizational look and feel


You know the drill. Developers and engineers need servers and services, and they need them now. Your IT team wants to deliver, but you’re busy putting out other fires and you have to stick to your approval process. People are getting frustrated with waiting and start building their own servers that often run unchecked after the close of a project.

Self-service IT is achievable, and it’s within your reach no matter how complex your IT shop is. CloudBolt eliminates complexity and enables self-service IT and user empowerment, even for the most intricate environments.

How CloudBolt Makes It Happen

CloudBolt consolidates both internal and external clouds into a single user-facing application that allows users to easily manage and provision resources on demand. Once installed, it gives administrators the power to set provisioning conditions and empowers end users to access the environments needed to do their jobs.

CloudBolt is simple to deploy and manage and runs on a clean, modern architecture. Extensibility and configurability are built in, making conforming to IT best practices an inherent part of the provisioning process.


With public cloud coming to prominence, users no longer expect to file a ticket and wait for their resources. CloudBolt transforms enterprise from “passive” to “active” by providing users with instant and direct access to their resources when and where they want them.

When users can’t get what they want, they take matters into their own hands. By meeting user demand for instant access to IT resources, CloudBolt eliminates the need for them to spin up their own servers and services in ungoverned, public clouds.

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