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The Truth About Hybrid Cloud

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We now deliver higher quality reporting and automated customer AWS cost optimization with 50% less people power!

CloudBolt really helped us analyze and understand our AWS costs, automated our environment shutdowns and set budget alerts for our resource usage.

CloudBolt provided us with instant Visibility into all our customers cloud spend and allowed us to automate 30% savings on an on-going basis.


Cloud Cost Management

Old Way vs the Intelligent Way

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Monitor your multi-cloud environment and manage challenges with confidence

Visualize and manage your cloud environment

CloudBolt enables you to visualize your existing cloud infrastructure and network topology in seconds. You can import every detail of the cloud configuration from VPC CIDR, ELB Security Groups, DB encryption, and much more. With this information, simple diagrams are created that help you understand your environment better.  

Building a cloud environment involves many steps, including documenting system design, setting up networks, selecting and sizing compute and database resources, assigning storage, defining access permissions, and understanding the cost. Through CloudBolt, you can design environments based on a standardized set of cloud resources, review the forecast costs and, when readyprovision; within minutes you will have an operating environment running with your cloud provider. 

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Comprehensively monitor your cloud financials for better informed decisions

CloudBolt delivers the granular depth and breadth across various clouds and services at your fingertips. Through dashboards and reports that can be easily customized and drilled into, you gain insights into your cloud environments. Further, customize and drill down into your groups, users, or environments with simple clicks 

Optimize your cloud spend automatically and don’t waste money paying for what you don’t need. Learn where you are overprovisioning and underutilizing resources and right size using trend information and notifications 

CloudBolt helps your users benefits from reservations or savings plans. Reserve capacity for one or three years directly from the portal to and realize savings using the right payment scenario for you.  

Optimize Your Cloud Costs
Proactively manage security and compliance risks with real-time insights

We understand that security and compliance is of paramount importance to you and your stakeholders. CloudBolt helps you continuously monitor existing applications environments to improve your security and compliance posture.  

We know that cloud environments change quickly making configuration tracking more difficult. CloudBolt helps you visualize your existing environments within seconds and then overlay over 300+ security checks for AWS Well-architected, CIS, PCI-DSS. You can also see compliance trending graphs over a period of time to learn how you are doing against your compliance goals.  

CloudBolt Security Advisor works in the background to detect and alert you against any threats or vulnerabilities. Thus, helping you enhance security posture, shift left your DevSecOps practices, and stay out of the news for any wrong reasons.  

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Supported Platforms:
Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, VMware vCenter and Google Cloud Platform

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