Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins of Public Cloud Costs

Enterprises are wasting $14.1B in public cloud spend every year. Discover the 7 deadly sins that repeatedly cause waste and cost you money

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From insight to action, CloudBolt workflow automation is here

Your cloud workflow is constantly evolving – stay on top of it

Cloud workflow automation drives continual service optimization—rightsizing, instance class remediation, automated start/stop/terminate, scaling services, backup compliance, etc. need to be policy driven wherever possible. Recommendations aren’t enough—action from insights is required, automatically.

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Get multi-event workflows, advanced idle condition settings and more

Automate actions such as stop, start, terminate, backup, rightsizing, scaling, patching, configuration management and/or one or more run commands as one workflow. You can even utilize a patching trigger for security to optimize an AWS EC2 instance requiring only one change.

Set configuration parameters on idle conditions for compute, storage, load balancers, AMI, RDS and snapshots. Use Kumolus to ensure when you run a workflow you’re setting an idle condition specific to your organization.

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Utilize the CloudBolt highly-configurable cloud automation workflow engine

Our highly-configurable cloud automation workflow engine lets you discover, analyze, report and recommend service optimization targets with measured benefits. These recommendations will drive scheduled events to continually optimize your cloud services.

Stakeholders will be notified by email or messaging using Slack, etc. that their service is being affected and given the option to opt-out/cancel the workflow activity. Empower your organization to drive cost optimization benefits with lower risk and greater control.

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CloudBolt Cost Transparency
AWS Cost Optimization Guide Cover-Final

The Guide to AWS Cost Optimization

Discover a series of advanced cost-optimization techniques that can lower your AWS bill without compromising application performance or redundancy preparedness for disaster prevention.

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Cloud Cost Management

Old Way vs The Intelligent Way

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