CloudBolt Rainmaker Partner Program

When you join with CloudBolt, the leading provider of Hybrid Cloud Management solutions, you’re harnessing new opportunities to grow your business.

The CloudBolt Rainmaker Partner community brings together the very best of what hybrid cloud, automation, integration and compliance solutions have to offer, linking partners delivering a vast range of expertise, capabilities and thought leadership.

Why Join?

    • 100% of leads are taken to partners
    • CloudBolt solutions deliver unrivaled time-to-value for our customers
    • Partners maintain their relevance as advisors, not single-threaded in accounts, and can pivot to critical areas: DevOps, Security, ITOps, FinOps, Infrastructure, Virtualization and Procurement
    • Our operational framework and approach are flexible – ensuring CloudBolt remains easy to do business with
    • We’re committed to the growth and success of your cloud practice

Our partners are at the core of every decision we make as a business…from lab creation to marketing to the potential for partners to maximize their revenue growth. Our recent acquisitions provide us a breadth and depth of capabilities to solve the top challenges in the hybrid cloud market, and our partners can take advantage of this to enhance their offerings and drive sustainable growth.

Larry Kraft – Senior Vice President, Global Channels and Alliances
CloudBolt Software

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Program Tiers

Focused on achievement and promotion, the Rainmaker Partner Program is structured with four levels of partnership. Storm, the highest level, provides dedicated sales, marketing and technical support in addition to the highest-level margin and incentives. To ensure protection and great earning potential for partners that come in below the Storm tier, there’s Lightning and Thunder, which provide opportunities and incentives to move to higher levels, and Wind tier for referral partners.

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Partnership Opportunities

Whether you provide solutions, deliver services, or integrate technology, you will create lifetime customer value, differentiate your business and grow a profitable cloud management practice. CloudBolt offers partnership opportunities for:

    • Value-Added Distributors
    • Managed Service Providers
    • Systems Integrators
    • Value-Added Resellers
    • Technology Alliance Partners
Current Partners List

Program Benefits You’ll Love

The Rainmaker Partner Program offers a wide range of benefits, which are tailored for each partnership tier. Storm, Lightning and Thunder partners receive a core set of benefits. As your growth commitment to CloudBolt increases, you can achieve and maintain a position in the top tier of the Program, at which point we will reward you with increased benefits, rewards and support services.


With the Rainmaker Partner Program and CloudBolt’s market-leading solutions, you’ll be positioned for greater success in helping our joint customers be successful on their digital transformation and modernization paths.

Ready to Make it Rain? Join Us.

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