Cross-cloud Blueprints

Standardized, compliant, and repeatable delivery of IT resources to developers, on-demand.

Designed by IT and deployed by developers for control and agility

Cross-cloud blueprints are critical to any hybrid cloud provisioning and orchestration strategy. Designed by IT administrators and deployed by developers, blueprints allow for standardized, compliant and repeatable delivery of resources—virtual machines, workloads, XaaS, and more. For IT, this means greater agility and control. For developers? They get the resources they need without needing to be a vSphere or AWS expert.

CloudBolt comes with an intuitive template builder so you can create blueprints as simple as one-click server builds. Or you can make them as complex as a multi-tier load balanced application stacks running in multiple cloud environments. The choice is yours. The end game is that developers will get what they need faster and easier.

In addition, CloudBolt ships with a rich and growing content library of blueprints—for PaaS resources across AWS, Azure, GCP, and more– that you can easily customize for your needs. Need an Amazon S3 bucket? Simply import our S3 blueprint, customize, and deploy for your DevOps pros. The next time they need to deploy S3, all they need to do is order it through CloudBolt’s self-service catalog—with just a few clicks.

CloudBolt continues to add new blueprints to its content library daily.
See below for our growing list.

Our Blueprints Library

Amazon Redshift
Amazon Aurora
Amazon EBS
Amazon ECS
Amazon ElastiCache
Amazon FSx
Amazon Glacier
Amazon RDS for MariaDB
MySQL on CentOS
Amazon RDS
Amazon S3
Amazon Route 53
AWS CloudFormation
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Database for MySQL
Azure Database for MariaDB
Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Azure Resource Manager Templates
Azure Storage
Azure Network Security Group
Google Cloud BigTable
Google Cloud SQL
Kubernetes Multi-node
Google Cloud Storage
PostgreSQL on CentOS
Domino's Pizza
Ansible Tower
Windows Server
CentOS Development Environment
Deploy VM from .ova
Amazon Elastic File System
LAMP Stack from AWS CloudFormation
Microsoft SQL Server on CentOS
Azure Web Application
Apache on Linux
Google Kubernetes Engine
VMware Cloud on AWS
IBM Cloud
cloud management platforms

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