Digital business moves fast. For success, DevOps pros must avoid:

  • Slow time-to-provision
  • Complicated cloud interfaces
  • Expertise required in disparate technologies
OneFuse Datasheet

OneFuse Datasheet

Accelerate digital transformation in a multi-tool world

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Features & Benefits

Build and release your apps faster with CloudBolt
Self Service IT
Rapid access to resources

Self-provision IT your resources with just a few clicks, instead of needing to become a vSphere or AWS expert.

Without easy access to resources, your job as a DevOps pro becomes near impossible. Thanks to CloudBolt’s simple UI for self-service IT, your headaches associated with waiting for resources to be delivered becomes a thing of the past.

Accelerate your CI/CD pipeline with the self-service access you need.

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CloudBolt Library
Rich and growing content library

CloudBolt CMP ships with ready-to-use resource blueprints covering the most popular services across AWS, Azure, Google, with services added daily.

Our rich content library simplifies the process of finding the right resource at the right time. With permissions set in place by central IT, the content library becomes your guidepost for self-service access critical resources.

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OneFuse Interface
Extend all your dev tools

With CloudBolt OneFuse, extend the value of your DevOps tools by using policies instead of painful custom coding.

Leveraging OneFuse, you can replace expensive custom developed integrations with easy-to-configure, governed services that can be used across platforms, clouds, and teams. With OneFuse, teams can quickly and easily provision standardized, IT compliant resources from their tools of choice.

Avoid configuration drift and snowflake servers so that you can develop faster.

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CloudBolt Solutions Overview

CloudBolt Solution Overview: Hybrid Cloud Delivered

Learn the nine key features that produce the transparency, control, and visibility of effective cloud management

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