Digital business moves fast. For success, DevOps practitioners must squash:

  • Slow time-to-provision
  • Repeated, manual tasks in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines
  • Provisioned infrastructure without continuous testing and visibility

CloudBolt Industry Insights:
The Truth About DevOps in the Hybrid Cloud Journey

Discover how your IT peers are using DevOps on their path to digital transformation.

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Features & Benefits

Get your CI/CD pipeline working as a well-oiled machine and reliable
Self Service IT
Deliver the needed infrastructure consistently

DevOps practitioners require a consistent framework to deploy testing environments rapidly and flexibly conduct Day Two actions. Over the last 20 years, CI/CD pipelines have become the preferred method for driving continuous automation in organizations in a constantly accelerating business environment. However, a recent study shows that developers struggle with test environment builds taking 30 minutes1. Often this is after waiting in a queue for another 30-minute build and test cycle to finish.

You need a simpler solution for provisioning resources and helping you with continuous Day Two maintenance, monitoring, and optimizing. Thanks to CloudBolt’s simple UI for self-service IT, waiting to order critical resources is a thing of the past. Accelerate your development efforts with the self-service you need.
• Provision and scale the CI/CD pipeline within minutes using blueprints; no need to wait for hours or days
• Manage pipeline resources with a few clicks
• Compose multi-tier blueprints for code and artifact deployments across services

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Maintain environments to drive consistency

Continuously integrating new services and delivering changes to infrastructure with confidence requires continuous testing. But no matter how good your code test coverage is, without continuous infrastructure tests, your next deployment could shatter that confidence. Ensuring your infrastructure is up and running all the time is key. Resurrecting multiple testing environments as your infrastructure changes is important too. How do you ensure developers aren’t scrambling at the last minute because of an unstable testing environment?

When our developers were looking for a solution, CloudBolt developed Continuous Infrastructure Testing (CIT) as a simple yet reliable tool. CIT ensures all your environments work correctly by re-running previously successful orders and verifying they still succeed. You can write an infrastructure test for anything with Action Tests. You can schedule these tests hourly, daily, weekly and receive immediate notifications of test failures via email or Slack.

CIT’s provision and decommission tests, based on orders, verify that the following actions complete as expected:

• Provision a server or resource with specified parameters
• Install any applications included in the original order
• Execute enabled orchestration hooks
• Test the expected status and output of jobs
• Decommission the server

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Gain visibility and secure your CI/CD pipeline

You’re a responsible organization; you care about IT efficiency. You don’t want to be in a group of organizations where the average cost of deployment per application is over $100,0002. That wastage can result from the number of FTEs needed for deployment, app onboarding time and deployment time. While you need multiple tools such as Puppet, Chef, or public cloud services, you control only what you can see.

CloudBolt’s next-gen cost management capabilities provide a 360-degree view of your entire CI/CD pipelines. Our reports and dashboards provide the level of depth you need, and you can customize them for chargeback or show back. Set policies around rightsizing, missing tags to control the rampant overspending, and take actions with real-time information. Take actions directly from the platform instead of going to multiple tools.
• Automatically analyze data and provide an optimized solution
• More real-time information (15 minutes refresh rate vs. days)
• 7x more information compared to other tools
• More automation for immediate notification and action

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CloudBolt Industry Insights:

The Truth About DevOps in the Hybrid Cloud Journey

Discover how your IT peers are using DevOps on their path to digital transformation.

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