For ITOps pros, cloud deployments are complex and difficult thanks to:

  • Painful, complicated resource provisioning
  • Out-of-control spending on cloud resources
  • Integration challenges for disparate systems
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CloudBolt Features and Competitive Comparison

Overview of CloudBolt Features and comparison between VMware vRealize, Red Hat CloudForms, and Cisco CloudCenter.

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Features & Benefits

The cloud doesn't have to be painful. CloudBolt can help.
CloudBolt Library
Rapid Time-to-Value

Many cloud management platforms require expensive ProServices and weeks of painstaking implementation just to get your hybrid cloud off the ground. Not CloudBolt.

Our CMP deploys in minutes and offers a guided implementation to users. There’s no need to wait around. It also comes out of the box with dozens of integrations for public cloud providers, IaC tools, and numerous others for seamless orchestration and provisioning.

Plus, CloudBolt is cloud-agnostic and supports all major hypervisors and cloud providers. You’ll never be locked into a cloud specific CMP platform.

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Self Service IT
Save Time & Effort with Self-Service IT

Your time is likely taken up by requests from end users for resources. With CloudBolt, that time can be better spent on strategic initiatives thanks to our self-service IT capabilities.

Using simple yet powerful blueprints, you can provision and manage resources within minutes. You don’t need to script or spend time entering credentials. Once you integrate with a new resource handler such as vCenter, Hyper-V, AWS, all the credentials are maintained to speed up resource delivery.

Forget the days and weeks required to build a machine—this happens in minutes.

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CloudBolt Cost Dashboard
Enforce IT Governance and Spending Policies

Without proper visibility and governance in place, your IT environment is susceptible to shadow IT. 33% of security attacks will be on shadow IT resources by 2020. Shadow IT can also lead to cloud spend without your knowledge.

CloudBolt’s role-based access control powerfully assigns a role for each user or group and provides role-based privileges.

IT can further assign resource-based quotas for CPUs, Memory, Disk, Cost, and Server count to groups or users. You can also reclaim your resources using expiration dates. Thus, simplifying capacity planning and resource allocation related decisions.

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Very elegant, simple, straight-forward solution, but yet very extensible and customizable. Took only 30 minutes to download, configure, and hook it up to a resource handler and begin managing/provisioning/orchestrating vm's.

CloudBolt is easy to integrate with other platforms and highly customizable. Light, simple, powerful.

One of the easiest automation products you will ever setup. Their support has been outstanding and they really understand their own product.

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The Home Depot Case Study
Case Study

The Home Depot

Discover how The Home Depot dropped resource provisioning time from weeks to 20 minutes with CloudBolt

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