Shadow IT is 10X the known cloud usage. Don't be caught with:

  • Lack of cloud governance
  • Mishandled or misconfigured clouds
  • Security headaches and breaches
Shadow IT Usage is 10X Known Cloud Usage

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CloudBolt Features and Competitive Comparison

Overview of CloudBolt Features and comparison between VMware vRealize, Red Hat CloudForms, and Cisco CloudCenter.

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Features & Benefits

CloudBolt provides predictable and secure cloud usage across enterprises
Governance with guardrails

CloudBolt allows you to import users and groups from your existing IT systems, monitor provisioning activity, and synchronize users on an ongoing basis to keep permissions legitimate.

With CloudBolt Cost & Security Management Platform (CSMP), you can integrate 250+ security checkpoints from CIS, PCI-DSS, and well-architected frameworks. Additionally, with CloudBolt CMP, you can assign five out-of-the-box group roles to users within the platform. You can further use these roles in your groups and in environments.

Each user or a group can be assigned any combination of these roles, and depending on which roles they have, a user will be given the ability to perform certain individual or group-related actions. You can customize what permissions each of these roles have as desired, or even delete them if they are not needed.

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CloudBolt SSO
Integration with security tools

CloudBolt simplifies using a SAML2-compliant identity provider you trust, helping you centralize management of users and give them access to various solutions they plan to use. It does this through authentication, authorizations, and maintaining user logs.

Additionally, you can configure SSO through a guided experience using CloudBolt. This detailed step-by-step configuration helps you avoid any manual errors or find certain important information missing.

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CSMP compliance and security

We know that cloud environments change quickly making configuration tracking more difficult. CSMP helps you visualize your existing environments within seconds and then overlay over 300+ security checks for AWS Well-architected, CID, PCI-DSS. This lets you immediately identify a design or configuration oversight to take the required action.

CSMP Security Advisor works in the background to detect and alert you against any threats or vulnerabilities. Thus, helping you enhance security posture, shift left your DevSecOps practices, and stay out of the news magazines for any wrong reasons.

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