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How OneFuse Helps Fill vRA Gaps

VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) does some things well and leaves gaps for others. Creating a bunch of custom-coded integrations may not be the best foundation for accelerated hybrid cloud use!

OneFuse offers important capabilities not offered out-of-the-box in vRA.

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onefuse feature capabilities chart with vra
Infographic – Old Way vs New Way

Get The Most Out of Your VMware vRA

Improve IT automation through simplified integrations, no custom coding

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OneFuse worked very well and greatly reduced the need to write custom code for common automation integrations in vRA.

OneFuse solved nearly every need we had in taking our vRA and build automation processes to production and filled in many of the gaps that would have otherwise taken years with of custom scripting and trial and error to fill. 

LOVE the dashboard and the transparency it provides.


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