2022: Your Cloud “Wrapped”


Inevitably at this time of year, I hear colleagues, family and friends say “where did the time go?  

Time is our most valuable commodity. We can certainly give it, and we are not getting any more of it. But with the power of technology, we can start to measure and analyze it. 

For example, each December I receive an end-of-year “Spotify Wrapped” – a personalized digital recap that details my listening trends throughout the year. For better or worse — all the good, bad, and embarrassing music and podcasts I’ve been spending my time on for the past year is presented in a clear and consumable format.  If you were wondering, I’ve listened to an interesting combination of 280 hours of 80’s hair bands,165 hours of 90’s R&B, and 16 different investment advice podcasts. 

Wouldn’t it be cool to get the same “wrapped” on the time and money spent on your Clouds and getting them to work? 

The promise of cloud adoption was efficiency, cost savings, faster delivery of services, and more innovation. But the reality is, you and your team are spending more time addressing complexity, performance, and rising cloud costs. According to a recent report,72% of respondents admit their companies moved to the cloud and multi-cloud without properly understanding the skills, maturity curve, and complexities needed to make it all work securely. Unless you have a team with a full skill set that has mastered cloud automation and cost containment, cloud adoption can go sideways…fast.  

What if you had a cloud “wrapped” dashboard that presents you with the highlights and lowlights of your cloud usage for the year? Such as… 

  • Hours spent on manual cloud provisioning and service creation 
  • Number of resources commissioned, decommissioned, or in an unutilized state 
  • Cloud spending trends and total loss from waste 
  • Auto-notifications and corrective actions taken 
  • Profit lost due to production outages… 

And many more KPIs you may not be tracking. 

For all your investments and resources placed on cloud projects, there is a better way to spend your time and money. Your cloud initiatives are no different than time spent listening to the next true crime podcast series. You’ve got to make it count! 

CloudBolt will give you a $75 Amazon Gift card for scheduling and attending a demo that demonstrates how you can experience “single pane of glass” visibility into your cloud spend, provisioning, orchestration, and governance. We will show you the immediate impact CloudBolt can have on your business.  

If you’re being asked to do more with less, CloudBolt is your answer to better cloud control. Now, that’s a wrap! 

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