Cloud Security Essentials: Create the Right Plan for When Things Go Wrong


Where are you in your public cloud security optimization journey?

Public cloud adoption is exploding. Gartner forecasts worldwide public cloud end-user spending to grow 18% in 2021 to $304.9 billion. Organizations are taking hybrid and multi-cloud approaches to digitally innovate, modernize processes, build efficiencies, and collaborate among teams. With the right public cloud approach, your development team can get the resources they need fast to move your enterprise forward.

But with any technology, there is risk. Security breaches happen, and the proliferation of public cloud has given rise to shadow IT and other threats to your critical data and infrastructure.

To help your organization make sense of the current public cloud security landscape, and provide advice on how best to navigate it, we’ve created our new eBook 7 Essentials for Public Cloud Security Optimization, which you can read for free anytime.

This is the seventh and final post in a weekly blog series examining each of the seven essentials. This week, we’re taking a look at Essential #7: Create the Right Plan for When Things Go Wrong.

Essential #7: Create the Right Plan for When Things Go Wrong

Now that you know about all the measures you need to have in place to make public cloud computing secure, it’s important to know nothing is ever 100% foolproof or truly fully secure. You can only do your level best, and that includes planning for when things do in fact go wrong. Almost three-quarters of organizations hosting data or workloads in the public cloud experienced a security incident in the last year, according to a recent Sophos report.

Develop a formal crisis response plan for what you’ll do in the event of a security incident. Test your response on a regular basis. Ensure every important stakeholder in your enterprise is involved, has input, and understands their role. Run simulations. Make necessary updates to improve your processes for when a breach or other bad episode takes place. The last thing you want is to get caught flat-footed. Simple things such as recorded certified trainings for your employees on a bi-annual basis can keep everyone alert and make security everyone’s priority.

It’s time to get your cloud security optimization in gear. Book your demo of CloudBolt’s security optimization solutions now.

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