CloudBolt Customers: It’s time to Slack


Join the CloudBolt Users Slack Workspace for real-time collaboration

Ever have that moment when you just wanted to know something fast… and you didn’t feel like submitting a question to an email alias or tech community and wait?

Well, it’s time to Slack! Customers can join the CloudBolt Users Slack Workspace to ask questions, share insights, and get to know each other in this online forum. Of course, CloudBolt support is always available to help, should you wish to enter a support ticket.

“We decided to leverage a Slack Workspace and give our customers a real-time forum to share best practices and collaborate, and find ways to automate challenging tasks using CloudBolt.”
– Bernard Sanders, CTO CloudBolt Software

How do I join the CloudBolt Users Slack Workspace?

All CloudBolt customers are eligible to join. Send an email request to and ask to join the CloudBolt Users Slack Workspace. You will receive a reply within one business day with further instructions.

Then what?

  • Read the primer in the #about-this-community channel when you first sign in
  • Next, start chatting!
    • CloudBolt staff will monitor the workspace and will respond as necessary

We’re excited to see the innovations this CloudBolt Users Slack Workspace will catalyze as our valued customers connect and share their ideas with each other.

Note—The CloudBolt Users Slack Workspace is not an alternative to CloudBolt Support. If you encounter an issue with CloudBolt, please submit a Support ticket and our experts will be happy to help you!

Not a customer (yet)?

Learn more about CloudBolt:

Our CloudBolt hybrid cloud management platform for enterprises helps IT admins provide simple to very complex IT resources to end users from a single console.

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