CloudBolt Version 5.0 is here…


We are very happy to announce the immediate availability of CloudBolt version 5.0.  The platform’s new features include:

  • powerful new service catalog functionality to facilitate complex, multi-tier app deployments
  • provisioning of service catalog blueprints available through both the CloudBolt web interface and a powerful REST API
  • deeper out-of-the box integration with technologies such as VMware, OpenStack, AWS, Azure, Infoblox, Puppet and Chef
  • ability to define arbitrary server actions so DevOps experts can provide simple buttons for users to perform complex operations on servers
  • ability to snapshot VMs from the CloudBolt user interface
  • increased control for administrators, including the ability to set rate-based limits and set limits on environments in addition to groups and handlers
  • significant UI improvements, including adding social aspects to the interface
  • even deeper extensibility – additional trigger points for hooks/actions
  • revamped docs, now made public: https://docs./
  • new trigger points for power on/off, rebooting servers and post-order completion process have been introduced and currency units are no longer limited to USD

The full press release (as well as all our others) can be viewed on our press release page

If you are an existing customer, you can immediately download the update through our support portal.  If you have any questions or desire hands on help with the update, please (as always!) feel free to contact us.

If you are interested in downloading and evaluating CloudBolt, you can do so here

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