Custom Naming : Event Broker Subscriber error 10030


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Problem Description:

The Custom Naming machineRequested workflow runs for a long time and eventually fails with this error:


Event Broker Subscriber error 10030 – {‘com.vmware.csp.core.designer.service@event.subscription.workflow.execution.timeout}



The Hostname being generated only contains the sequence number and no other characters. This is caused when none of the templated values expected in the Naming Standard are set or are null.



For example:

The Custom Naming Standard template looks like this:


If the values for properties for naming.OS, naming.Environment and naming.AppType are not provided, you end up with a Hostname that consists only of the sequence number, e.g. 001.  This is not a valid hostname, and the workflow keeps looping and eventually times out.  These values are typically set using vRA property definitions where the requestor selects the value from a dropdown menu, or they could be set on other elements in vRA, such as in the Custom Properties on things like Reservations, Business Groups, Endpoints, etc.



Make sure to set all properties expected in your Custom Naming Standard and Naming Sequence profiles. {% endraw %}

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