IT Automation Secrets: Bring Order to Chaos with Governance


Is your business falling behind in the race to the top?

Your business moves fast. Different, often-competing units within your enterprise want to achieve business priorities, drive efficiencies, and rapidly produce revenue. They’re relying on IT to provide the resources necessary to grow fast. They need what they need and they need it now—as in yesterday.

How can you ensure fast compliant delivery of resources—be it virtual machines (VMs), applications, public cloud resources, or other types—so your business can grow quickly without friction and delay? The answer: IT automation.

We’ve recently posted our eBook, The 7 Secrets of IT Automation, which gives you the opportunity to learn a step-by-step action plan to unlock the potential of your hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

This is the sixth in a weekly blog series examining each of the seven secrets. This week we’ll look at Secret 6: Bring Order to Chaos with Governance.

Secret 6: Bring Order to Chaos with Governance

Controlling the chaos is a basic requirement for effective cloud management. That’s why governance is so important. Not knowing who’s accessing systems or overprovisioning resources can make you feel like you’re being robbed – or at the very least, uncomfortably exposed. Manual approval processes take a long time and often delays resource availability. You want to automate resource provisioning, but establishing and maintaining clear guardrails may seem like an impossible task. Breaking down these hurdles is as critical as identifying the right technology for your IT needs.

Implementing good governance cannot be treated as a nice-to-have when it comes to digital transformation via cloud environments. Create a clear organizational hierarchy to see your systems and who’s using them. Trigger approvals and send alerts based on services criteria (development, testing, etc.). And, use role-based access control to ensure resources are used properly. Stop herding cats: start governing so you can keep innovating without worry – and maintain your sanity.

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