Top vRA8 Deployment Considerations: Webinar Recap


On Tuesday, December 10, we hosted 2 sessions of our webinar, “Top vRA8 Deployment Considerations”: one for those on Central European Time and the other for those who would be better served on US East Coast Time. The entire webinar recording is posted below as well as on the SovLabs YouTube Channel here. Download the slide deck from the webinar here (PDF).  And we’ve also captured and published all 23 questions and answers from both sessions of the webinar.

Pre-Webinar Blogs

As a buildup and prep for the webinar, we embarked on a series of blog posts. This series consisted of seven blog posts, focusing on what we are learning as we walk through our first few tests and deployments of vRealize Automation 8 (vRA8). These blogs (with links) are listed and summarized below.

  1. A VMware Admin’s First Impressions of vRA8 — Part 1
  2. A VMware Admin’s First Impressions of vRA8 — Part 2
  3. A First Look at the vRA8 Migration Assessment Tool — Part 1
  4. A First Look at the vRA8 Migration Assessment Tool — Part 2
  5. Important Gaps in Features, Functionalities, and Integrations – Part 1
  6. Important Gaps in Features, Functionalities, and Integrations – Part 2
  7. Unraveling Your Customizations in vRA7 to Prepare for vRA8

Webinar Recap

Our own Sid Smith led the webinar. We divided the webinar into three sections. Each of these sections is listed below, with the time stamp where that section starts in the YouTube video above.

  1. Summary of vRA8 findings and analysis (2:24)
  2. SovLabs “Defender” and Policy Migration (10:53)
  3. Case Study: Large healthcare provider leverages SovLabs to remove custom code and prepare for vRA8 (23:52)

The last 19 minutes (starting at 31:26) or so was your questions and answers. Please note that because we did do two separate webinar sessions, we also got two very different Q&A sessions. Here’s the write up of all 23 questions from both Q&A sessions.


Schedule Your Custom Demo

Thank you to everyone who registered, attended, and participated in this webinar on our early findings from within vRA8. To schedule a free custom demo with Sid or one of our other vRA experts, please contact us here.

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