On Wednesday, July 1, we hosted our VMUG webcast, “Moving Beyond Custom Code with Multi-Platform Extensibility.” You can find a recording of the webinar below. Download the slide deck from the webinar here (PDF).

Webinar Recap

Traci Curran, Director of Product Marketing, and David Coulter, Co-founder and CTO of SovLabs, presented a webinar that spoke to the complexities of custom code and introduced OneFuse, SovLabs’ codeless solution.

  1. Intro
  2. Company Background (:23)
  3. The IT Challenge (1:58)
  4. OneFuse Integration Platform (4:58)
  5. OneFuse Naming Module DeepDive (11:42)
  6. Benefits of OneFuse + Terraform (26:52 )
  7. Benefits of OneFuse + vRA (34:13)
  8. Q&A (38:20)


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OneFuse is our next-generation solution that provides policy-backed services for vRA 7.x, 8.x, Terraform, and others. Custom code can cost you time, money, and create technical debt for your enterprise. With OneFuse, you can create naming policies that will future-proof your vRealize Automation investment.

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