Webinar Recap: What’s New in CloudBolt 9.4.1?


We recently held a webinar to explore the features of CloudBolt 9.4.1, the newest release of our cloud management platform (CMP). After listening to the needs of our customers and prospective customers, we provided this update to continue our commitment to ensuring our users have the best hybrid cloud management tools at their disposal.

In our webinar, Nilesh Deo, CloudBolt’s Director of Product Marketing, and Rod Musser, Senior Product Manager, go over the major new features of CloudBolt 9.4.1 and answer questions from customers about what has been added. Here is a brief recap of what was discussed:

VMware NSX-T Integration: CloudBolt 9.4.1 now comes with an out-of-the-box integration with NSX-T, which helps customers virtualize their on-premises networking resources. Customers can now automate the deployment of their entire application stack, while saving time, effort and avoiding mistakes.

“We’ve added this so our customers can focus on more strategic activities that are key differentiators for your organizations, and to use one single blueprint to deploy the entire application stack,” Deo said in our webinar.

Improved Azure SIG Support: In CloudBolt 9.3, we announced support for Microsoft Azure Shared Image Gallery, which helps organizations manage, share and distribute VM images within and across multiple Azure regions.

In 9.4.1, we’ve added support to automatically import a given image from all regions where the image is replicated.

Guided CloudBolt Setup: We’ve made our setup for new users as easy as possible with our new Guided CloudBolt setup.

“This is designed for people using CloudBolt for the first time, or are new installers of CloudBolt,” Musser said. “We wanted to provide a really good guided experience to being able to get CloudBolt configured with a cloud and deploying a server onto it.”

Discover the hands-on demonstrations of these new features in our webinar replay video below:


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