Weekly CloudNews: Cloud Complexity, Security and Deployments


Welcome to this week’s edition of CloudBolt’s Weekly CloudNews!

Earlier this week, we officially launched CloudBolt 9.2 and Nilesh Deo outlined the key features of the release. We also discussed bridging the gap between IT and DevOps and a looked at cloud cost management tools.

With that, onto this week’s news:

Cloud complexity overwhelming security teams

Sead Fadilpašić, ITProPortal, Feb. 25, 2020

“Understanding the benefits of public and hybrid cloud environments, businesses are rushing to deploy these new technologies. However, unnecessary security compromises are being made in the process.

This is according to a new report from FireMon, based on a poll of more than 500 respondents, including executive level staff.

The report says that as networks grow increasingly complex, the visibility necessary to keep a network safe is shrinking. For 18 percent of C-Suite respondents, this is the biggest concern.

Survey respondents said they now need more vendors and enforcement points to effectively secure their systems than ever. More than three quarters (78 percent) are now using two or more enforcement points, a “substantial” jump from the 59 percent that used two enforcement points last year.”

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Enterprise Cloud Use Continues to Outpace Security

Kelly Sheridan, Dark Reading, Feb. 24, 2020

“The majority (59.4%) of IT and security professionals are concerned about their ability to effectively secure cloud-based enterprise services as businesses continue to adopt them.

For Firemon’s second annual “State of Hybrid Cloud Security” report, researchers surveyed 522 network/security engineers, IT operations managers, C-level execs, cloud architects, and cloud software engineers, among other technology pros. They learned 41.4% of businesses are deployed in hybrid cloud environments, up from nearly 40% in 2019. Protecting them is a primary concern.

Where do most professionals struggle? Seventeen percent of respondents say lack of visibility is their biggest obstacle to securing public cloud environments. Other top concerns include lack of control (13.8%), lack of ownership (13%), lack of integration with other tools (13%), lack of qualified personnel (11.5%), lack of training (11.1%), and lack of automation (9.6%).”

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Dell rolls out new subscription model for hybrid cloud deployments

Stephanie Condon, ZDNet, Feb. 25, 2020

“Dell Technologies on Tuesday rolled out a new subscription-based model for hybrid cloud deployments, available with the Dell EMC VxRail. The new offering includes the hardware and software, as well as the services necessary for relatively quick deployments, such as support, deployment and asset recovery services. 

Customers can sign up for a one-year or three-year agreement, priced on a per node, per month basis for as low as $70/node per day. Deployments can take as little as two weeks, Dell said.  

Dell claims the new offering is the “fastest hybrid cloud deployment” in the industry.”

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