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IT security pros still struggle with remote work basics

Ian Barker, Beta News, Oct. 27, 2020

“While a vast majority of organizations have transitioned to remote work during the COVID-19 outbreak, only a third of IT security professionals described that transition as ‘smooth’ in a new survey.

The study from OneIdentity shows 62 percent of respondents say that cloud infrastructure is more important now than 12 months ago and 31 percent attribute this shift directly to COVID-19.”

Cloud adoption in a post-COVID world

David Linthicum, InfoWorld, Oct. 23, 2020

“First, for most enterprises, a reduction in momentum appears unlikely. However, priorities will shift. Today’s focus is on the low-hanging fruit to achieve migration at speed. Eventually we’ll run out of easily migrated workloads.

Once the number of applications migrated slows down, the complexity and value of those workloads will increase. That means we’ll need at least the same amount of resources to refactor more complex applications to run correctly on cloud platforms. The focus will move from lift and shift at speed to application modifications and modernizations that take advantage of the native features of the target public clouds.”

Hybrid cloud is driving digital transformation

Ian Barker, Beta News, Oct. 21, 2020

“The hybrid cloud model is increasingly used in digital transformation and data storage according to a new report from Trustwave.

Of over 950 IT professionals surveyed, 55 percent use both on-premise and public cloud to store data with 17 percent using public cloud only. Singapore organizations use the hybrid cloud model most frequently at 73 percent or 18 percent higher than the average and US organizations employ it the least at 45 percent.”

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