Weekly CloudNews: Predicting IT Spending Trends; Why Multi-Cloud is Here to Stay


Welcome to this week’s edition of CloudBolt’s Weekly CloudNews!

Earlier this week, Nilesh Deo explored issues around cloud governance and how CloudBolt can help, plus we looked at the top dogs of cloud platform vendors.

With that, onto this week’s news:

Gartner slices 2020 worldwide IT spending prediction to $3.4 trillion due to coronavirus

Charlie Osborne, ZDNet, May 13, 2020

“Gartner has cut earlier forecasts for worldwide IT spending across the globe as the novel coronavirus continues to spread. In January, the research agency predicted that global spending on IT, including devices, data center equipment, cloud solutions, and enterprise software would rise from roughly $3.8 trillion in 2019 to $3.9 trillion in 2020. However, this forecast did not anticipate the widespread disruption caused by COVID-19. At the time of writing, there are 4.2 million confirmed cases worldwide. 

The coronavirus outbreak sent shockwaves through the global economy, which has caused lockdowns, travel bans, job losses, and outright business closures. The IT industry is just one of many sectors that have experienced losses — and now the focus is less on growth and more on recovery. 

According to Gartner, previous growth indicators — including in device sales and cloud technology — will not stop an 8% decline in overall spending in comparison to 2019. CIOs are now focusing their resources on a very different enterprise landscape that has been quickly thrust into remote working, employees on furlough or cut, and empty offices. As a result, spending is being prioritized on “mission-critical” technology and services deemed key at simply keeping businesses as operational as possible, rather than being transformative or intended to promote corporate growth.”

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Colt Study Shows 96% Of IT Leaders Trust Moving Business Capabilities To Cloud

Abigail Opiah, Data Economy, May 13, 2020

“Colt Technology Services released new research that highlights the state of play for cloud computing in 2020.

The study found that this next decade will be transformational, with 96% of senior IT decision-makers now confident in moving critical business capabilities to the cloud.

Colt asked how enterprises found their experience of the cloud so far, whether they are undertaking migration projects, their timescales, hurdles faced and next steps for such projects, and discovered that the turn of the new decade will see accelerated cloud adoption, but that there are still several key challenges that must be overcome if a migration is to succeed.

The most significant concern remains security, with 59% of respondents citing this as their biggest challenge. In second and third place are reliable connectivity and system downtime.”

The Era Of Cloud Nomads: Why Multi-Cloud Is Here To Stay

Emil Sayegh, Forbes, May 13, 2020

“From the COVID-19 pandemic to the oil crisis and rising global unemployment, 2020 has been a trying year for many businesses. Many of us have become digital nomads, working from remote locations and dependent on technology for the most basic tasks. While technology played a critical role in helping companies navigate through all the uncertainty that 2020 has brought, it is natural to wonder what is next and how businesses will use IT to help them evolve and pivot moving forward.

With various challenges coming at them, many organizations are entering a “nomadic” phase, searching for an ideal and sustainable cloud foundation, especially with a more nomadic workforce and a more nomadic application stack. Many businesses will and have already made the tough decision to break up their status quo and move infrastructure to a new set of providers in hopes of tackling the array of challenges they face daily. But simply picking up and moving applications is not doable, which is why building infrastructure and applications to be “nomadic by design” is critical.”

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