Weekly CloudNews: Legislators Gear Up to Take On Cloud Outages


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Legislators Gear Up to Take On Cloud Outages

Carlo Massimo, InformationWeek, August 2, 2022

“It hasn’t been news in the tech sector for years, but as business worldwide turn to cloud computing as a necessary, everyday solution, they find fewer and fewer companies who offer it. The demand is immense: RightScale data from 2021 (published 2022) found that 57% of companies planned to move workload to the cloud, and small- to mid-sized businesses increased spend on cloud services by 38% over the previous year. And yet Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM and a few others dominate supply. Antitrust questions aside, the increasing horizontal consolidation of cloud services poses serious security risks. A few spectacular outages have illustrated this handily — 2022 alone has seen a Slack outage (particularly concerning in the work-from-home post-pandemic), two major Apple outages, two IBM outages in one month, and others.” READ MORE

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Is the New Normal

Bill Doerrfeld, Acceleration Economy Network, August 1, 2022

“Hybrid multi-cloud environments are becoming ubiquitous — impressively, 82% of organizations have now adopted a hybrid cloud. Over half of companies now employ ​​2-3 public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds. By retaining on-premise computing and spanning multiple cloud vendors, architects have unprecedented flexibility in where to place workloads to suit their unique requirements.

“Supporting these trends, we’re also witnessing a rise in cloud-native components. By 2023, the majority of applications will use cloud-native technologies. Cloud-native containerization and orchestration are bringing excellent agility and elasticity to the modern computing runtime. However, these strategies are not without their challenges — security and networking are top roadblocks that persist within the new hybrid cloud norm.” READ MORE

It’s past time to figure out cross-cloud security

David Linthicum, InfoWorld, July 29, 2022

“I’ve addressed concerns with multicloud security many times before. Here’s the essence of what I and others assert: Multicloud complexity causes systemic security issues. That’s a fact. Today let’s talk about how we can mediate this complexity to deal with security risks, and what will solve the problems.

“Businesses have certainly taken note. Data published this month by the Ponemon Institute finds that a full 60% of IT leaders have little or no confidence in the security of their company’s cloud access. Consider that: the security team at your bank, or your internet provider, or the wholesaler that keeps your grocery store stocked, is sending more and more information into the cloud with less and less faith that it’s safe there.” READ MORE

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