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Cloud Cost Optimization: Comparing Traditional vs Augmented FinOps

The discipline of FinOps provides enterprises with the required framework and tools to enhance visibility, establish accountability, and optimize cloud…

The Complete Guide To VMware Administration

In recent years, new technical content has primarily focused on the latest technologies such as Kubernetes, Terraform, serverless, and the…

The DevOps Guide to Azure Costs

At CloudBolt, we get questions every day from advanced DevOps engineers and technical managers about how to best optimize Microsoft…

GCP Cost Optimization

Cost optimization for a public cloud can be summarized as maximizing cost reduction while causing little to no performance impact…

Terraform Best Practices

HashiCorp’s Terraform is a popular Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool that helps DevOps teams codify their cloud infrastructure. While it’s…

MSP Best Practices For Modern Cloud Service Providers

The world of managed service providers (MSPs) has drastically transformed in the last decade. The rise of public clouds, such…

Data Center Automation: Key Elements for Next-Gen Performance

Traditional data centers are still relevant. But the way they operate has evolved over the years. Data centers have now…

The Guide to AWS Cost Optimization

A DevOps Guide to AWS Cost Optimization Introduction  This guide contains a series of advanced cost-optimization techniques that can lower…

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