Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins of Public Cloud Costs

Enterprises are wasting $14.1B in public cloud spend every year. Discover the 7 deadly sins that repeatedly cause waste and cost you money

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Through a single integrated platform, Kumolus provides insights into Reservations, Usage Reporting & Allocation, Forecasting and Budgets.

Cost Dashboard – Immediately understand Cloud Usage

Quickly look at cost profiles with the flexibility to break down your costs across the organization. Whether supporting one or one hundred environments get a single view on your key cost indications.

Effective Cost Reporting

Generate meaningful cost reports in a few clicks. Fully customizable, with a large number of default and user-defined reports. Save these reports as favorites and schedule for delivery as a PDF or CSV.

AWS Cost Optimization Guide Cover-Final

The Guide to AWS Cost Optimization

Discover a series of advanced cost-optimization techniques that can lower your AWS bill without compromising application performance or redundancy preparedness for disaster prevention.

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The Truth About Hybrid Cloud


Discover how your IT peers are navigating the path to digital transformation.

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Cloud Cost Management

How to automate your cost management

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