Announcing CloudBolt on Google Cloud Launcher!


We are pleased to announce that CloudBolt is now available for deployment in the Google Cloud Launcher. This makes it easy to deploy and run CloudBolt in Google’s public cloud, where it can be connected to public cloud accounts and private virtualization systems providing a single pane of glass to provision, manage, and control VMs and other resources.

Enterprises have been using CloudBolt and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) together since CB added support for GCP in 2014. In particular, a major home improvement retailer exposes the CloudBolt UI to their 500 developers to provide self-service development environments on GCP, Azure, and VMware. Since CB also integrates with their other enterprise systems (such as Chef for config management, InfoBlox for IPAM, and ServiceNow for change management), they can achieve self-service IT without the developers needing to learn the nuances of these myriad technologies.

With this addition, CloudBolt is now available for deployment in the top three public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and GCP), as well as on-premises. Let us know if you want to deploy CloudBolt in any other public cloud and we’d be happy to help.

To get started, you can visit Google Launcher’s page for deploying CloudBolt. Or, if you’d like to try it in your own datacenter, you can download CloudBolt to get started today.

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