AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency


The AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency is a program that helps Amazon Web Services customers identify solutions that facilitate their cloud strategies. It does this by delivering governance and operations best practices. Today, enterprises must balance the benefits of the cloud and maintain compliance, governance, and efficient use of resources. AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency (AWS CMT) Partners allow enterprises to meet these goals. 

Your organization can easily manage AWS resources using a “guardrails” approach while monitoring for opportunities to improve efficiency. 

AWS Management Tools Competency Categories

Cloud Governance

In this category, AWS Partner Solutions aims to simplify AWS resource management. Service providers give organizations policy-driven guardrails to keep tabs on configuration changes and noncompliant actions or resources. As a result, it becomes easier to integrate with AWS management tools and third-party tools to enforce cloud governance. 

Resource and Cost Optimization

In this category, service providers help organizations gain visibility into their AWS environments. Organizations can see resource utilization, workload costs, chargebacks, and other critical metrics. After your organization has achieved cost visibility, AWS Partner Solutions provides cost and resource optimization recommendations to help customers optimize their AWS environments. 

Why Your Organization Should Work with AWS Competency Partners

AWS Competency Partners are AWS-recognized companies with the requisite skills to create and deliver AWS solutions. These solutions meet the needs of the modern-day enterprise. The partners have extensive domain depth and specialize in different markets. Here are some of the reasons you might want to work with them.

AWS Partners Focus on Your Success

AWS Competency Partners, such as CloudBolt, help you take full advantage of the benefits of AWS. They have extensive expertise that uniquely positions them to help organizations achieve their business goals. The team at CloudBolt helps organizations achieve their technology goals by leveraging the agility, innovation, and services of AWS. 

By integrating the CloudBolt with AWS, your organization gains an easy way to deliver AWS resources quickly, cost-effectively, and securely. These resources include compute, storage, and networking. 

Today, enterprises face all manner of challenges in the cloud that can prevent them from hitting their goals. Some of the biggest challenges include:

  • A lack of visibility 
  • Shadow IT
  • Cost overruns
  • Adopting new technologies, such as serverless computing and containerization. 

Using AWS and CloudBolt, your organization can take advantage of the power of the cloud-native resources AWS provides. As a result, you can scale AWS offerings on-demand while allowing IT to manage these resources’ life cycles. IT can take actions, such as configuration, provisioning, and Day-2 operations within the CloudBolt CMP. 

AWS Partners — Vetted, Verified, and Validated

AWS Partners undergo a rigorous validation and assessment for their offerings and practices for security, reliability, and performance.  

In addition, AWS Technology Partners undergo a Well-Architected Review during the application process. This ensures they’re following the laid down AWS best practices for architecting cloud systems. 

You can be sure you’re working with pros when choosing an Amazon Partner Network (APN) vendor to work with.

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