Exploring CloudBolt 9.4.1’s NSX-T Integration and Azure Shared Image Gallery Functionality


CloudBolt 9.4.1 is now generally available!

This release has been focused on couple of key asks from our customers and prospective customers. The goal is to provide a level of deeper self-service IT using VMware NSX-T and Microsoft Azure Shared Image Gallery (SIG), thus, resulting in your users not spending days or even hours on integrations and instead focus on more strategic outcomes.

Simplify Networking with VMware NSX-T support

NSX-T brings the magic of virtualization to the networking resources in your data center environment. It allows users to be more agile and abstract networking resources for ease of virtualized provisioning.

Our NSX-T integration enables self-service IT for the entire application stack for vCenter based environments: network, servers, software. This creates flexibility without users being experts in network, cloud, or application administration. Multi-tier blueprints from CloudBolt give users the power to provision, manage day-two activities, or shut down resources easily. The snapshots below show our NSX-T blueprint that can help you deliver resources faster.

This NSX-T integration helps you automate deployment of your entire vCenter-based application stack with complete security and control. It makes you more proactive and avoid any costly mistakes while improving productivity.

Leverage Microsoft Azure Shared Image Gallery with Confidence

Microsoft Shared Image Galleries help customers manage, share, and distribute VM images within and across multiple Azure regions​. If you are an Azure customer, you will realize this is a powerful way to distribute the same VM images across various regions.

In our 9.3 version, we helped customers to import images from Shared Image Gallery. Plus, while ordering a server, customers could add accelerated networking and enterprise-level environments using a blueprint. Now in 9.4.1, we are helping users automatically import the image from all the regions and then replicate it across regions with just a few clicks.

This update helps our customers leverage the complete functionality of Shared Image Gallery. It helps you get more efficient in managing Azure environments while being error free. This avoids a lot of rework while keeping up with the business demands. In summary, CloudBolt 9.4.1 is a big step in helping you deliver self-service IT in your enterprise. Provisioning virtualized networking with NSX-T and more automation in Azure based environments makes your IT more flexible in these challenging Covid-19 times. Don’t let it slow you down.

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