How to Master AWS EBS Pricing & Reduce Your Bill


Amazon Web Services (AWS) pricing can get a bit complicated. Thankfully, you can understand it better by learning more about the specific elements that can drive up AWS costs, and how to optimize those area for cost-efficiency.

One area to be acutely aware of is Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS). It’s easy to use and will work with your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances at any necessary scale. Volumes are actively attached to an instance, similar to a physical hard drive.

If your enterprise is looking for a balance for price and performance, different EBS volume types are available. From a storage standpoint, it can be more cost-effective to go this route. Without disrupting applications, volume types can be changed and volume size can be dynamically increased among other options.

EBS volumes can be used to store data that requires frequent updates, such as system drives or storage for database applications. It also can be used for throughput-intensive applications that perform continuous disk scans.

Multiple EBS volumes can be attached to a single instance if all resources are in the same Availability Zone. You can also use Multi-Attach to mount a volume to multiple instances at the same time. An AWS account has a limit on the number of EBS volumes that can be used and the total storage available.

To learn more about EBS, its benefits, and the steps you need to take to master EBS pricing and reduce your bill, check out this article as part of our Guide to AWS Cost Optimization.

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