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How to approach infrastructure automation

Kevin Casey, The Enterprises Project, Jan. 19, 2021

“Standardization and automation are certainly not new concepts in IT. So why is infrastructure automation such a hot topic right now?

The short answer: Containers, orchestration, and other modern technologies have enabled an evolution of infrastructure automation capabilities that, among other benefits, let standardization actually be enforced.”

Control and governance top cloud security issues — Aptum

Aaron Hurst, InformationAge, Jan. 18, 2021

“82% of senior IT professionals told Aptum that control and governance have manifested themselves as security and compliance issues in the cloud, as infrastructure continues to expand and diversify.

Visibility through a single portal followed close behind as another common cloud security and compliance issue, which arises for 81% of respondents, while 80% said they had problems with gaining the ability to meet requirements of compliancy audits.”

Hybrid Cloud Adoption Brings Security on the Go

Sue Poremba, SecurityIntelligence, Jan. 15, 2021

“IBM’s Assembling Your Cloud Orchestra report found 85% of organizations already utilize a hybrid cloud and 98% anticipate having one in place within three years.

By not performing risk profiles, security teams and IT staff aren’t easily able to detect where, when and how an incident occurred or where new risks might appear. Keeping an eye on the hybrid cloud workflow and risks is a challenge no matter where the security team is based. One solution is the ‘single pane of glass’ architecture, which offers a way to monitor the entire system through a single display.”

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